Man uses mousse instead of deodorant

4th Apr 2005, 11:00 pm

Nigel Harris emerged blearily from his bathroom to announce to his wife that he had mistakenly used Vidal Sasson Ultimate Hold Hair Mousse on his underarm, instead of his usual Boots own-brand deodorant.

Mousse in a hairy armpit
Unholy mess

The mix-up occurred after a long night drinking with "mates", and may have been partially due to an administrative overhaul in the Harris bathroom cabinet.

"She's always bloody moving things around. I never know where anything is anymore" complained Mr Harris, 41, from Portsmouth. His wife, Isobel, countered that the accident could have been avoided if Mr Harris had "not been blind fucking drunk as usual."


The mousse caused an "unholy mess" on one side of Mr Harris's shirt and vest, but luckily he realised his mistake before proceeding to the other arm.

"He's an idiot" said Mrs Harris, who was late for work.


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