Pension age to rise to 102

17th Nov 2005, 12:00 am

The Government has suggested that the age at which state pensions can be claimed my rise to 102 years.

The startling revelation comes in a 'leaked' document drafted by a group of cabinet insiders charged with 'thinking the unthinkable, or even the stupid'. The current age for state pension entitlement is 60 for women, 65 for men. The report says the rise is needed "to counteract the fact that we've [The Government] been pissing your money up the wall for the last thirty years."

The disparity between men's and women's pension ages was also something the report addressed. "Creating a level playing field for men and women in this regard is a major landmark in the history of sexual equality in this country. Basically, you'll all be screwed just the same, regardless of gender."

Plans go even further than the rise in entitlement age however, as the group suggest the new rules should come into effect retrospectively. "All those who have already retired but are under the new threshold must pay back all money received to date, and go back to work."

The moves are likely to co-incide with planned legislation to reduce the child labour age to seven, due to come into effect this spring.


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