Bird flu; can blokes catch it too?

15th Oct 2005, 11:00 pm

The international scientific community is continuing to wrestle with one of the most important medical questions yet posed: Bird flu; can blokes catch it too?

Opinion is divided on the subject, but one thing is clear. The virus has already mutated once and can do so again. It was originally known as 'Asian Bird Flu' because, apparently, only Asian birds could get it. This had disastrous implications not only for the Asian continent, but also for Richard Desmond, publisher of Asian Babes.

But it appears that non-Asians can catch this deadly strain, with the virus now commonly referred to as 'bird flu' in the scientific community. The World Health Authority warn it is "only a matter of time" before it mutates again, becoming simply 'flu', as deadly to blokes as it currently is to birds.

Graphic showing Asian bird, a bird, then a bloke
Mutating virus:
First Asian birds, then any bird - blokes next?


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