Big Issue seller kidding himself

18th Sep 2005, 11:00 pm

Almost 10 years into his stint as a Big Issue magazine salesperson, Nick Greenford is still occupying his space outside Somerfield supermarket in Totness.

"I'm only doing this to get myself back on my feet" said the 34 year old, adding "And how are you today Sir? Have a nice day Sir."

Greenford has been a regular on this spot most of his working life and puts in a solid eight hour day, five days a week. But he's adamant that he'll soon be moving into a proper job. "I'm definitely going to get my shit together once I've got this edition out of the way. It's got Paul McCartney on it, do you want a copy Sir? It's my last one."

His line manager at The Big Issue's distribution plant, Sally 'Bruiser' Bruford, describes Greenford as "a loser, a real twat. He came back to the depot with a ton of unsold product last Friday and I told him straight; I've got people queuing up to do his job. Sure enough, he went back out and shifted another 25 copies. Tosser."

Greenford admits it's been a rather long stint in the temporary job, designed to help homeless people find dignity rather than begging on the streets, saying "If you don't want to buy one, could you spare some change? It's not for me, but my dog really needs something to eat. Oh well, have a nice day anyway Sir."


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