C4 announces Top 100 Clips Shows

14th Aug 2005, 11:00 pm

Channel 4 has announced the results of a nation-wide poll to find the country's favourite clip shows.

Literally dozens of viewers responded to the call, eager to help C4 - with its public service remit - answer the vexed question: just what was the best ever compilation of old TV clips, ever?

There was also a strong altruistic streak running through respondents minds. Helen, 42, said "I know that profit-making TV companies are under enormous pressure to make even more profit, so helping them put together one of the cheapest shows possible was the least I could do. And the fact that they string it out into a themed evening - or sometimes even a whole weekend - just makes the whole thing even more satisfying."

To see the results you'll have to wait until the programme airs, but some strong contenders include George Best's 100 Best Best-Of's and Top 10 Top of The Pops II.


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