ID Cards: It Could Be You!

11th Jul 2005, 11:00 pm

The government has launched an information campaign to increase support for its National Identity Cards scheme.

The Home Office has drafted in the same advertising agency who promote the National Lottery, as Charles Clarke explained in a press conference this morning: "The lottery has proved so popular since its inception that we felt we could adopt the same marketing strategy in the promotion of ID cards."

"As there is significant doubt as to whether the cards will correctly identify the holder we decided to adopt the line 'It could be you' on all our posters and TV ads."

The cards will contain a variety of highly accurate bio-metric data, which cumulatively amount to an impressive-sounding 98% success rate* in identifying the holder. However, this figure means that more than 600,000 UK citizens will be at risk of mis-identification, and this idea of a 'lottery' also appealed to the Home Secretary.

"People love games of chance" explained Mr Clarke "so why not make every day more exciting? Is today the day you'll be stopped in the street and wrongfully jailed as an Al Qaeda terrorist? You never know; it could be you!"

*Source: Some bloke in the Home Office.


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