Scientists map shape of Internet

4th Jul 2005, 11:00 pm

After two years of exhaustive research, scientists at MIT have finally mapped the three dimensional shape of the Internet.

Ralph Bones, head of the Oracle Research Group on Active Networks (ORGAN), described the breakthrough as an important milestone towards a true understanding of the meaning of the Internet.

"When we finally had all the data collated and analysed through the latest, most powerful supercomputer at our disposal, we were just awestruck by the findings."

The images, published for the first time today, are the first truly accurate three dimensional representations of the global communications network, and their beauty has quite turned the heads of those who've seen them.

knob-shaped 3D model

Knob shaped

"It turns out that it's knob-shaped" added Professor Bones. "Yeah, it, like, totally blew me away when I saw it. I could finally visualise, in a single rotating image, the true effect on mankind of the efforts of millions of programmers, writers, artists and visionaries across the global community these last 15 years. It's kinda cool, really."


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