Geldof in Live 8 'No Africans' scandal

13th Jun 2005, 11:00 pm

Bob Geldof today answered critics who are angry about the lack of African artists in the planned Live 8 concerts.

"Let's face it" he said, "no one knows who the fuck Baba Maal or the fuckin' Bunjy Boys are. I've gotta get bums on seats so I've made the decision that I had to use cutting edge, up-to-the-minute recording artists like Annie Lennox, Sade, Big Country and Slade and if Damien Allbran doesn't like it he can suck my big grey cock."

However, in a bid to quieten critisism, fellow Live 8 organiser Midge Ure has arranged an all-African concert the same night in a cave in Cornwall which will be simultaniously broadcast on digital-only channel BBC 6 Music.


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