Watching Paint Dry: New to PS2

25th Apr 2005, 11:00 pm

A new game is set to hit the streets this summer, and is expected to take the high street by storm. Watching Paint Dry, from EA Games, is based on the popular passtime beloved of so many older gamers.

Said Linda Falstaff, VP of Market Research for EA Games; "We'd been focus grouping our summer releases, and what we kept hearing, all over the country, was 'I'd rather watch paint dry'. This really got our creative juices flowing."

ps2 controller showing control functions
All the fun of watching paint dry, in the palm of your hands.

Falstaff reported back to the development teams who immediately undertook the task of making a new game that was, quite literally, as interesting as watching paint dry.

"It was quite a challenge" admits head of programming, Dean Salter, adding "but I think we really nailed it. It's as dull as dishwater, really."

Watching Paint Dry is expected to do well, and plans are already underway for next season's follow-up: Sticking Pins In My Eyes.


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